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It's Eclipse Season!

Maybe you've heard.

"But, what does that mean? And how does it affect me?"

Solar Eclipse

It's eclipse season! Maybe you've heard. "But, what does that mean? And how does it affect me?" Maybe you're asking yourself these questions. 

In terms of an astronomical event, eclipses aren't all that rare. In fact, there are several every year, generally between four and seven and they always occur in sets of two or three. Two basic phenomena are responsible for what we experience as an eclipse here on Earth.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun and its shadow is cast on to the earth. It is visible in the sky as the moon appears to block our the sun partially or fully for up to several hours. The solar eclipse always occurs at a new moon, or in astrology-speak, when the sun is conjunct the moon. A new moon occurs every 28 days as the moon cycles around the earth but solar eclipses occur only when the new moon, or conjunction, occurs very close to the moon's nodal axis. Fun fact: the moon's orbit is elliptical and the opposite ends of the ellipse are referred to as the nodes. The solar eclipse is the type of eclipse that requires special glasses to view safely and it typically creates quite a storm of interest and excitement among astronomy buffs all around the world and especially in areas where the eclipse is most visible.

The second type of eclipse is a lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse occurs when the moon and sun are on exact opposite sides of the earth. In this case, the earth's shadow is cast on to the moon and it takes on a red tinge. It is often referred to as a Blood Moon for this reason. This type of eclipse can be seen from larger portions of the planet as opposed to the solar eclipse which can be seen only in close proximity to its path. Like the solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse can last up to several hours and be either partial or total based on the moon and sun's exact positions in relation to Earth.

While you're probably thinking that's all fun to know and exciting to observe in the sky, maybe you're still curious what it has to do with you personally. In terms of astrology, eclipses bring with them intense energy and they are profoundly transformational for us both individually and collectively. This is particularly true when an eclipse occurs in close proximity to a sensitive point in an individual's (or nation's!) chart, especially the sun, moon, and angles. (Yes, nation's also have charts! These charts are based on when the nation was founded. In the case of the U.S., most astrologers use the date and time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.) The house where the eclipse occurs indicates what area of your life will be affected by the eclipse's intense energy. If it's occurring in your 5th or 7th house, for example, it could indicate a major shift in your love life or relationship. Perhaps you will meet a new love interest at this time!

Because eclipse energy is very intense, its effects may be felt for a month or so ahead of the first eclipse event in a set and up to a month after the last eclipse event in that set. The changes set in motion dominate the next six-month period until the next eclipse season. Transformation may be much longer lasting when an eclipse is in close contact with a sensitive point in the chart. Eclipses occur in predictable nineteen-year cycles. Looking back at life events that transpired around the eclipse period nineteen years prior can give you clues to how the energy will impact you now. Similar patterns are very likely.


We recently experienced the first eclipse in a set: a lunar eclipse on November 19th, 2021 at 12:57 PM PST. This was a partial eclipse but very close to total. The eclipse occurred at 27º14' Taurus. The next eclipse in this set is a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius at 12º16' coming up at the next new moon on December 3rd, 2021 at 11:34 PM PST. The solar eclipse path will be over Antarctica and the southern hemisphere oceans. It will not be visible in the sky over North America but its astrological effect will still be felt across all of the planet. 


This Sun-Moon conjunction (solar eclipse) forms a sextile to Saturn and will be a forceful trigger for the Saturn-Uranus square that is approaching its final exact expression later in December. Astrologers all over the world have been tracking the Saturn-Uranus aspect throughout 2021. In the past hard aspects between these two planets have correlated with economic disruption. Especially with Uranus being in the sign of Taurus at this time, there is a strong link to financial systems, banking, and the economy as well as the earth, climate, agriculture, and food distribution. We are likely to see major challenges in these areas in the coming months as we move into 2022. While that may seem scary, there is reason for hope. We are in a period of great transformation. The eclipse energy ties us to the North Node, representing our collective destiny. We are expanding our consciousness and preparing ourselves to move forward into a brighter future that offers more freedom and equality for all. In order to do so, we must remove old blocks that are preventing our evolution.


This is a highly energized time period and you may experience a sense of intensity within yourself - strong emotions or even physical sensations (headache, digestive discomfort, etc.) are quite possible especially if either of these eclipses occur in close proximity to key elements in your chart. If you are feeling overwhelmed, give yourself some extra downtime. Grounding crystals such as black tourmaline, Tiger's Eye, smoked quartz, or obsidian can help you to feel more calm and even sleep better. Try placing a crystal under your pillow or nearby on your nightstand. Try to shift your mental focus to work with the powerful eclipse energy and contribute as an individual to raising the consciousness of our planet by clearing any blocks that arise for you at this time.

If you'd like help understanding where these eclipses fall in your chart and how they are impacting your life, I would love to help you! Book a consultation with me today!

Written by Kelly Kucic. All rights reserved.

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