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Saturn Enters Pisces: March 8th, 2023!

March 2023

Saturn and its rings

Saturn is moving into Pisces on March 8th, 2023. It will continue to occupy this sign for the next 3 years - until 2026. This transition is significant because Saturn’s 29 ½ year orbit means that it passes through this part of the zodiac only 2-3 times in our human life span. It was last domiciled in Pisces from 1993-1996. It won’t return to Pisces again until 2052.


When powerful Saturn changes signs, it can be quite impactful - March 2020 it moved from Capricorn into Aquarius. We all recall what happened then as COVID took over the planet! Aquarius represents freedom and Saturn represents limitation. Saturn going into Aquarius immediately and quite literally installed the most extreme limitations on our freedom that have been seen in our lifetimes in the form of worldwide lockdowns. That’s the kind of power Saturn has!


So, what are we to expect this time around as Saturn shifts from Aquarius into Pisces? Well, that’s a great question. While Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius and very powerful there, Saturn and Pisces don’t get along too well. Think of oil and water. They are too different - they just don’t mix! While Saturn is about boundaries, limits, structure and constraints, Pisces is the most unstructured, boundless, free-flowing sign in the zodiac. Saturn has a really hard time establishing boundaries in this mutable water sign. Pisces wants to wash everything away before Saturn can get anything secured. 


Saturn is linked to top-down traditional organizations of all kinds including governments. As Pisces is the great dissolver, we can expect to see the continuing process of dissolution of these structures that Pluto has initiated as it has ground through the last degrees of Saturn’s sign of rulership, Capricorn, over the past several years. It’s an intriguing coincidence, or rather synchronicity, that Pluto will make its first pass from Capricorn over the cusp of Aquarius just 15 days after Saturn enters Pisces.


With Saturn in Pisces, there is certain to be an increased interest and focus on water - our oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams, the quality of our drinking water and access to it. We may see more political effort put into desalinization. Just this week, with Saturn already on the cusp of Pisces, we’ve already witnessed a very big step in controlling and protecting the oceans and sea life. Over 190 countries have agreed to a pact that, up until now, has been stalled out in talks for nearly 20 years! The treaty’s stated purpose is to safeguard the high seas and reverse biodiversity loss. Profit sharing with poorer countries is built into the terms. This is absolutely a sign of Saturn’s powerful impact in Pisces! We are likely to see much more happening with water in the next three years. A historical water works project that was completed during the last Saturn in Pisces period is the Chunnel that connects England and France by underwater train. The Chunnel opened in 1994. Watch and see what will come of Saturn in Pisces this time around!


Pisces also rules Hollywood, movie making, and the entertainment industry. A sudden development bringing limitation on this front is the law just enacted by the state of Tennessee last week that bans public drag shows. A number of other states are poised to follow suit. As we saw with the ocean treaty, Saturn was on the cusp of Pisces and the energy is already in full effect with tangible evidence. 


Pisces rules the media and drugs of all kinds including the pharmaceutical industry, as well as addictions. We may very well see limitations coming in these domains as well. Alcoholics Anonymous was started in 1935 when Saturn was in Pisces. Prior to AA, alcoholism was considered an incurable condition and alcoholics were without any hope of recovery, doomed to die by the bottle. Since its inception, AA has helped millions of people around the world escape the ravages of their addiction to alcohol and its foundational 12-step program has successfully been expanded to address many other types of addiction as well including drugs, gambling, sex, and so on. Interestingly, AA’s 12-step program has a spiritual basis which makes perfect sense with Pisces ruling spirituality!


With its connection to spiritual experiences, Saturn in Pisces is likely to surface new spiritual movements and masters, as it has done in the past. Discernment is critical here because Pisces is linked to illusions and not all gurus are the real deal. Buyer beware! Trust your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.


It’s hard to say whether Saturn’s attempts at limitation in the sign of Pisces will be beneficial for us or not. It’s most likely a mixed bag. We could suffer limitations to our spiritual expression. On the other hand, we may see science and spirituality finding some common ground with spiritual concepts being validated by scientific inquiry.


On a personal level, Saturn in Pisces is great energy for spiritual discipline. It can help you to put your own spiritual beliefs and ideals into practice. Become your own spiritual leader! After all, at your core you are pure divinity. Pisces is a very fine, egoless, devotional energy that can bring out the purest expression of our soul purpose. Saturn in Pisces can literally manifest our dreams into reality. Intention will determine how beautiful or ugly that expressed energy may be. Not all dreams are pleasant!


Conscious intentions will foster brilliant outcomes while unconsciously expressed energy will produce the expected chaotic results! If you would like support in developing consciousness and intentionally directing your energy, I can help! Take a look at my upcoming retreat - Becoming Present - taking place this June in Supetar, Croatia. In alignment with Saturn in Pisces energy, participants will become their own spiritual leaders by developing the skills and tools of conscious intention. They will be ready to manifest true beauty in their lives! Come be a part of it and live life on a whole new level!


As we observe Saturn’s passage into Pisces, I want to remind you that the future is unformed. While it’s fun to imagine what may happen in the coming 3 years, it’s important to remember that nothing is already set in stone. We are creating the future for ourselves and the collective in every moment. High vibrations - love, peace, and joy - will create something amazing. While low vibrations - fear, anger, and apathy - will create a nightmare. Stay in your highest vibration and allow your high vibrations to infect everyone around you. That is the power of conscious intention at the most basic level! Together, we can make this turn of Saturn in Pisces incredible!

March 2023 is a HUGE month in astrology! Besides powerful Saturn entering Pisces on March 8th, another big mover is Pluto on March 23rd! Read my article on Pluto moving into Aquarius for more about the shifting energy!

Written by Kelly Kucic. All rights reserved.

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