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How is Astrology Relevant to Me?

Can zodiac signs and the movement of planets really have anything to do with me?

Moon Gazing

Astrology is an ancient study and practice dating back thousands of years from when people on earth first observed the movement of bodies in the sky above them. Artifacts found all over the world demonstrate that early peoples carefully observed and tracked these movements and considered them significant in understanding and predicting events on their lives. Astrology was a central and critical academic study that was foundational to all other areas of curricula including mathematics, medicine, and philosophy in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.


In various forms astrology was studied and practiced in China, Europe, and the Americas. Astrologers were integral advisers to kings and held high offices in the Catholic Church for centuries. Many of the greatest minds in history studied and practiced astrology including Plato, Pythagoras, Galileo, and Hippocrates. Astrology was deeply embedded in religion and is mentioned in the Bible. Jesus's birth was foretold by the "star" followed by the wisemen from the East who travelled westward in search of the newborn king.

Several things contributed to the decline of astrology's reputation as a full recognized and legitimate study in modern times. In the seventeenth century, Copernicus determined that planets, including the earth, moved around the sun rather than everything revolving around the earth. This threatened the Catholic Church's doctrine of the centrality of man in God's universe. The Church banned any writings that described the earth as moving and astrology soon became a subject of infamy.


Scientific challenges also came through the theories of Descartes and Newton around the same time. While early peoples believed everything was connected and viewed the universe as alive and flowing, the new scientific emphasis was on direct observation and mechanical proof. All else was deemed superstition and cast aside in favor of clear facts that could be tested and demonstrated. This approach has resulted in incredible advancements for humanity but we have lost whatever was more subtle and less apparent to our physical senses.


Most of us know that there is more to life than meets the eye. Astrology is one means of accessing an understanding of our world and ourselves that transcends and illuminates our daily existence. It provides meaning for what we otherwise may experience as random accidents and happenstance in our lives. When we become aware of the underlying structure of who we are and what our life purpose is, we begin to make empowered decisions to lead a life that expresses our highest potential and brings us deep satisfaction instead of disappointment, confusion and frustration.

Would you like to know more and begin applying the wisdom of astrology in your life? Let's get started! Book a consultation with me today.

Written by Kelly Kucic. All rights reserved.

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