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Continue Your Mental Fitness Journey with KRSW & PQ®

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5-Week Sage Intensive: Grow Your Sage 

  • Deepen your own practice of Mental Fitness with continued coaching support. Practice implementing the Sage Powers in your most challenging life circumstances.

  • Includes PQ In-App Grow Program



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1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • Based around specific coachable questions defined by You!

  • 45-minute Sessions

  • Weekly, Bi-monthly, or Monthly

  • Discounts for weekly sessions and/or quarterly & annual payment plans

$125 per session + $37 per month for In-App Grow Program


PQ In-App Grow Program

  • Keep growing with the PQ App! 

  • Unlock new modules that help you apply the PQ framework to topics like: Resilience, Self-Actualization, Stress Management,  Relationship Mastery, and more!

  • Customized Daily Focus for  specific areas of interest.

$37 per month

* You get PQ® Foundations App Access for 1 Year + a FREE 2-Week Trial of Grow in the PQ® App!
  • Continue your PQ practice with ongoing access to the PQ Gym.

  • Revisit the educational videos of the 7-week Boot Camp program.

  • All of the great PQ App content you have enjoyed through your first 7 weeks of Mental Fitness Training is available to you for 1 year with no additional commitment or cost.

KRSW Special Savings Just for You!

  • Referrals

    • Get $100 cash for each referral that signs up for the 7 or 12- Week KRSW Mental Fitness Program!

    • Via Venmo/Zelle after 1st payment received from referred client

  • Written Testimonial (250 Words)

    • 25% OFF 5-Week Sage Intensive: Grow Your Sage Powers  (You Pay $525)

    • OR 1 FREE 45-minute 1:1 Coaching Session 

  • Live Testimonial (2 Minutes) during a 3 Keys to Happiness Webinar 

    • 50% OFF 5-Week Sage Intensive: Grow Your Sage Powers (You Pay $350)

    • OR 2 FREE 45-minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • Both Written and Live Testimonial

    • 75% OFF 5-Week Sage Intensive: Grow Your Sage Powers (You Pay $175)

    • OR 4 FREE 45-minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions

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