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What is Mediumship?

May 2022

Spirit Or Ghost. Death, Love And Eternity

Most people have heard of mediumship and have some ideas about it. Unfortunately, some of those ideas may be scary or negative and they may be preventing you from considering the benefits that mediumship can offer. Both religion and Hollywood have created a lot of myths and misconceptions, so my aim in this article is to give you an explanation of what true mediumship looks like and how it might help you.


Mediumship is a form of intuitive spiritual connection that allows us to communicate with people who are no longer living in a physical body here on the Earth plane. All of us have loved ones who have passed over and if we haven’t experienced such a loss yet in our life, we certainly will. This is a universal human experience. 


When someone we love is gone, we typically feel grief and sadness and we often wish for an opportunity to say tender words that may have been neglected when our loved one was with us. We also frequently wonder where they are now and if they are happy.


Through mediumship, we can have the chance to speak with our loved one again. That contact can help our hearts to heal knowing that a special person is always with us even though we don’t see them anymore. Trained mediums can connect with people of all backgrounds (there is no language barrier) as well as with animals. We can connect with people and pets you have known directly as well as with ancestors who lived long before you were born.


In actuality, all of us are mediums because we are all spirit. We came from eternal spirit and we are temporarily having an experience in a physical body here on the Earth plane. When we die, we will all go back to spirit again. 


Because we all are spirit, we all have intuition and the ability to connect with the spirit world however many have never explored or developed this inherent ability. A trained medium creates a bridge that facilitates communication between a human being and the deceased. The process involves raising our vibration and sending out an intention to connect with a specific spirit or spirits. That’s all there is to it!


Spirits, like humans, have free will. They don’t have to connect with us if they don’t want to. It’s like placing a phone call. The person receiving the call is under no obligation to pick up the phone. Likewise, you have no obligation to speak with a spirit that wishes to connect with you. 


For both spirits and humans, mediumship is a very safe experience. Trained mediums connect only with high vibration spirits. Spirits do not have physical bodies and they cannot harm you in any way. Their energy is actually much higher than ours, think steam vs. water, and they feel very light and pleasant.


The spirits we connect with are not ghosts or any other type of “evil” entity or force. The purpose of connecting is solely for the healing of both the human and the spirit. Spirits cannot tell us about future events and they have no effect on the Earth plane whatsoever. They can’t make or prevent anything from happening here. 


During your mediumship session, the medium will gather lots of information or evidence from the spirit or spirits who present themselves so that you can be sure of who we are connecting with. Spirits share a variety of details about their life, personality, and even physical appearance in order to establish their identity. 


It’s always best to have a pen and paper handy during your session so that you can write down details. You may not recognize the spirit or some of the information they provide during your session, but it will often come to you sometime later. The medium will ask the spirit for any messages they would like to convey to you. You will also be able to ask the spirit questions and convey messages yourself.


After a mediumship session you can expect to feel a greater sense of peace and joy in your life. Connecting with your loved one again offers you both healing and freedom. You will feel renewed purpose in your life and a sense of ease regarding your loved one’s circumstances.


If you would like to schedule a session or discuss further, please contact me today!

Written by Kelly Kucic. All rights reserved.

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