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Catch the Wave!

Apr. 2022

Jupiter & Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

Two years into a pandemic and it still may not be over. And now we find ourselves face to face with a potential World War III after Russia’s sudden invasion of Ukraine. We’re all desperate for some good news from the stars above at this point! While heaviness continues to be a theme for us this year, there is some really exciting energy in the heavens above this spring.


On April 12th, Jupiter and Neptune will come together at 23º58’ of Pisces. This conjunction is both rare and auspicious. It occurs approximately every 12.5 years but these two planets have not aligned in the sign of Pisces since 1856. The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in this particular sign is of special importance because both of these planets are intimately connected with Pisces energy. Jupiter was the ancient ruler of Pisces before the outer planets of our solar system were discovered. Later, modern astrologers conferred Pisces rulership status to the gas giant Neptune after it was discovered and its astrological significance was recognized.


Because of their affinity with Pisces energy, Jupiter and Neptune become very powerful when they meet in this sign. They bring a massive expansion of the water element to the material world as well as to the spiritual plane. On the 3D level, flooding is a very real concern. We have already begun to witness this effect with recent record-breaking floods hitting eastern Australia. This climate change induced event was triggered by Jupiter’s presence in the sign of Pisces and its steady approach to Neptune over the past weeks. 


The energy effect of these two planets in conjunction will be strongest from April 7th to April 17th, but we will continue to feel these two planets’ combined force throughout 2022 and into early 2023 as a major theme for all of us because of their proximity at the Spring Equinox on March 20th. The Equinox is the point at which the Sun enters the sign of Aries, representing the astrological new year. Unfortunately, we can certainly anticipate additional great floods occurring around the world.


So, what’s the good news here? Besides unleashing torrents of literal water, Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces offer an extraordinary opportunity for spiritual expansion both on an individual and global level as the element of water is associated with Spirit. We can all see that Earth and humanity are in critical need of an upgrade in consciousness at this point. Pisces is the sign of creativity, compassion, and spiritual connection. Jupiter is expansive, optimistic, and full of promise, fortune, and favor while Neptune is other-worldly, the territory of fantasy, dreams, and our highest and purest aspirations. 


The combination of this energy creates a beautiful portal that holds the promise of elevated consciousness and the ability to experience life at a new level, if we are ready to embrace this path. A potential for greater creative expression is activated within each of us. Access to the spiritual realm is increased. When Jupiter and Neptune are within 1º orb of each other from 4/7 to 4/17, the veil between the seen and unseen world will be especially thin. Our creative and spiritual intentions will be particularly powerful at this time.


It’s a great time to invoke the eternal Muses and birth something truly magical. Artistic abilities and spirituality will be stronger than ever but may be expressed in a multitude of ways. It’s useful to know where Jupiter and Neptune energy will converge in your individual chart in order to know how you might best harvest this power and fully reap the benefit of its influence in your life. Get ready to catch the wave! For a complete personalized chart reading, contact me today!

Written by Kelly Kucic. All rights reserved.

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