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Who are you? Really.

Together we will look at your own very unique natal chart and we will get to know who you really are in great detail. You are far more than your Sun Sign! We'll get in touch with the primary elements and themes of your chart and you will learn about your personality, strengths and weaknesses, your motivations and needs, and how you go about getting things done. We'll also discuss current and upcoming transits and the gifts and opportunities they offer at this time in your life. This information will help you chart a path that maximizes your potential to manifest the best outcomes from the raw materials available to you. 

In order to generate an accurate natal chart, you must be able to provide the basic details of your birth including the date, place, and exact time. If you do not know you exact birth time and cannot find out that information directly, it may be possible to rectify your birth time. Contact me for details and cost for this process. 

Self-Discovery Session

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