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Take the online Positive Intelligence® Saboteur Assessment and Explore your Saboteurs with me, The Warrior Mermaid Coach, for FREE!

Get started by clicking on "Book Now" below.


Your Saboteurs are messing with you! They hijack your again and again and keep you stuck in negative emotions. Take your first step on the journey to a more positive mindset by booking a FREE 30-minute Explore Your Saboteurs Session with me, the Warrior Mermaid Coach!


After booking your FREE Explore the Saboteurs Session, you will receive an email from me with a link to take the 5-minute online Positive Intelligence® Saboteur Assessment. You will receive your results by email right away. Share them with me by forwarding the results email to I will not receive your results until you share them with me. 

During your FREE session, we will get to know more about your specific Saboteurs. You will gain valuable insights that can help you overcome your Saboteurs' negative patterns and tap into your innate strengths.


Let's Explore Your Saboteurs! Click on the 'Book Now' button below to schedule a free 30-minute Saboteur Exploration session. If you don't see a time block in my calendar that works with your schedule, email me at​ and we will find the right time for you!

Want all the details about KRSW Mental Fitness Training? Review available packages and upcoming Pod start dates here.


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