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KRSW Astrology Consultations are designed to be energizing and affirming. They will give you unique, in-depth insights and strengthen your self-awareness. Maximize your self-discovery and positive transformation by combining a KRSW Astrology Consultation with the KRSW Mental Fitness Program. Schedule a Discovery Call today and ask about discounts for bundled services!


What to expect from a consultation

There is more to life than meets the eye. Astrology is a means of accessing an understanding of our world and ourselves that transcends and illuminates our daily existence. It provides meaning for what we otherwise may experience as random accidents and happenstance in our lives. When we become aware of the underlying structure of who we are, we begin to make empowered decisions to lead a life that expresses our highest potential and brings us deep satisfaction instead of disappointment, confusion, and frustration.

While there are countless resources available to you on the internet to explore your own astrology, working with a knowledgeable and experienced astrologer will give you far more insight into your own personal experience than any computer-generated or generic interpretation of astrological symbols ever can.

When you work with KRSW's Warrior Mermaid, we will look at your own very unique chart and together we will get to know who you really are! 

Astrology sessions are about one hour each and can be completed over Zoom. You will receive a copy of the chart(s) covered in your session, a personalized written analysis of your chart, and a recording of our session.
A KRSW astrology session combined with the KRSW Mental Fitness Program will give you great insight and direction to discover your best life yet! Register for the next FREE webinar The 3 Keys to Happiness. Hurry! Spaces are limited. 

KRSW Astrology Consultations are gift-able! What greater gift can you give that special friend than the key to self-discovery and positive transformation? Purchase a KRSW Gift Card today!

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