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What People are Saying About Kali Rose Spirit Wisdom

Laurie N.

"Kali was great! She’s extremely detailed and gave me so much helpful information regarding my past, the present and even what could help me navigate challenges in the future."

Leka W.

"I was always curious and wanted to find out what my future had laid for me. However, it was rather difficult for me to find someone who is trustworthy and knowledgeable about this subject. When I was in the process of searching for an astrologer, I had the blessing of finding Kali. When she read my chart, I was baffled by the information she had found for me because everything was so accurate and unique to me. She has been so right with specific events in my life. Kali also has great skills to interpret signs and explain planetary impacts on our lives. She is very flexible with your schedule. Besides, she takes ample time to explain every detail for you. Her great service has influenced me to  return to her for future reading and also refer my family and friends to her. I highly recommend her service to anyone who is looking for a skillful and knowledgeable astrologer." 

Sarah S.

"I had a reading with Kali as a gift for my birthday, and it was profound! I received so much insight and a greater understanding of the astrological influences on me.  Kali prepared a lovely, clearly written explanation of my chart, and we had a sweet meeting where she explained and elaborated on the different aspects of my constellation.  I feel that Kali does work in the light - helping us understand more about ourselves as well as our tendencies.  I felt really safe and trusting of Kali's knowledge, skills and especially of her clear, kind, positive and generous spirit and way of communicating.  Since having Kali read my chart about 6 months ago, I have reread and reflected on the narrative she prepared many times, and I continue to learn and integrate the information to help shine a light on my life.  I plan to work again with Kali, and I wholeheartedly recommend her service."

Yen A.

"I was referred to Kali by a very close friend.  I have never done an astrology reading before.  My astrology reading with Kali was AMAZING.  My first-time meeting with Kali on zoom,  She was punctual, pleasant, kind, and professional.  She took her time to go thru the chart and explained step by step to ensure that I understood and allowed me to ask questions during the process.  Why is she AMAZING, you might ask?  I only knew my date of birth and not my time of birth.  My mom only remembered my time of birth is between 4-5 pm.  However, based on this information, I knew it would be a great challenge for Kali to create my chart.  To my surprised, she was >90% accurate.  That was awesome. I was pleased with her effort and her work; l referred my daughter to Kali.  I was also pleased to receive a recorded zoom reading as well as a typed-up documentations of the whole reading.  I did not need to take notes and that was nice."
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