Parenting in the New Age

Mother and Daughter Hugging

We have entered into the Age of Aquarius! 

Parents, are your parenting skills in alignment with the values of this new age?


We are preparing our children to succeed in this environment, not the one we ourselves have experienced and certainly not the one our parents and grandparents experienced. But many of us are still using old and outdated strategies and models because it's what we grew up on and it's all we know. Our kids deserve more!

Starting in January 2023, join me online or in-person to discover new strategies to parent your child as the unique individual that he or she is and to support the divine purpose their soul has brought into this incarnation.


It's time to break away from the destructive and unhelpful parenting principles employed by our parents and previous generations!

I have over twenty years of experience as a parent, teacher, Montessori educator, and teacher trainer. I have worked directly with children from infant to teen and trained hundreds of teachers and school support staff over the years. I fuse this background with spiritual awareness to offer new age parents a unique perspective and insights into conscious and effective child-rearing.


Together we will explore the importance of supporting children’s emotional development and how parenting strategies influence our children’s emotional skills throughout their lives.


We will learn essential methods for successful communication and for helping our children appropriately modulate their emotional reactions and behaviors.


After completing this workshop you will experience more peaceful interactions with your children and you will be building the emotional skills that they will use throughout their lives to navigate the world in the New Age.

Online and in-person workshop dates and locations will be announced here soon! Check back or send me an e-mail at to be added to my workshop contact list. I'll keep you updated regularly on upcoming workshops!