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My purpose as a Spiritual Consultant, is to help you gain a clear and deep understanding of who you are and what

you are here for so that you can lead your best life. 

You are here to experience peace, love, and joy

every day!

I offer a variety of intuitive services that tap into universal consciousness. Together we will use this spiritual awareness to support your growth, development, and

well-being as an eternal spirit.

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Kelly Kucic

Spiritual Consultant

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Hi, I'm Kelly! 

My spiritual journey took flight in 2018 when I very suddenly experienced a profound shift in consciousness known as spiritual awakening.


It was as if I suddenly gained the ability to see the world in technicolor after a lifetime in only black and white! It changed my views of life and myself radically. 


I knew I wanted to help others achieve the same transformation and find the peace and joy that I had discovered quite by accident.


I completed my astrology certification through Los Angeles School of Astrology in 2020.

I went on to train in Tarot in 2021 with Dr. Craig Martin, a nationally-known and respected astrologer and Tarot master who has practiced with individual clients for over 30 years.

In 2022, I became certified in mediumship under the guidance of beautiful spirit and internationally-renowned medium, Manna Dabholkar.


I am committed to practicing astrology, mediumship, and all other forms of spiritual consultation in a respectful and ethical manner in order to support the unique personal and spiritual path of each of my clients.

My intention is to help others elevate their consciousness and live more authentic, purposeful lives with increased joy, peace, and love. 

I look forward to getting to know you!



What People are Saying



What People are Saying

Laurie N.

"Kelly was great! She’s extremely detailed and gave me so much helpful information regarding my past, the present and even what could help me navigate challenges in the future."

Leka W.

“I was baffled by the information Kelly had found for me because everything was so accurate and unique to me. She has been so right with specific events in my life.”

Sarah S.

“I felt really safe and trusting of Kelly's knowledge, skills and especially of her clear, kind, positive and generous spirit and way of communicating.  I have reread and reflected on the narrative she prepared many times,”

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