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Kelly Kucic  KRSW Founder.    Transformational Guide.  Coach.  Yogi.  

Hopelessly stuck in your circumstances - held back, disappointed, anxious, frustrated, lost, lonely?
Does that sound just a little too familiar? Like I'm reading those painful, secret thoughts that you never share on social media?
Have YOU spent your whole life playing Super Hero, wearing all the hats, getting everything done for everyone all the time?

Everyone but *YOU* anyway?
Are you ready for more of the GOOD stuff in life?? Are you ready to do some living for yourself for a change? You know what, I really hope so! Because there is so much more out there for YOU!

YOU are here to experience happiness, peace, and love. Every day! Now is YOUR time to go after it!

I am your partner and your guide in discovering your best life yet. Your best body, your best health, your best relationships, your complete well being.
What's so great about success unless you're truly happy and madly in love with your life?

I know how to go from surviving to thriving.
I’ve done it! And I want to show YOU how to get
there too.

Why continue to settle for less when you deserve so much more?

Kali Rose Spirit Wisdom offers a variety of complementary Self-Discovery & Positive Transformation services. 

I invite you to explore the KRSW website to discover all of the options available to support you on your path to real joy and peace of mind. Book a FREE Discovery Call today and get to know me, the one and only ❤️‍🔥🧜🏻‍♀️ ❤️‍🔥Warrior Mermaid❤️‍🔥 🧜🏻‍♀️ ❤️‍🔥

Let’s see how we can work together to find the real YOU that’s just been waiting for a chance to shine!

-Kali Rose, The Warrior Mermaid



Kali Rose


Kelly Kucic, Founder

Hi, I'm Kali Rose, The Warrior Mermaid!

My spiritual journey took flight in 2018. I was in my early 40's at that time. I very suddenly experienced a spiritual awakening. It wasn't something I was consciously looking for. I'd never even heard of spiritual awakening! But, I was extremely aware of something shifting deep inside me and truthfully, it felt pretty abrupt and turbulent at first.
It was as though I had suddenly gained the ability to see the world in technicolor after a lifetime in only black and white! It changed my views of life and myself radically. Sometimes it felt like drowning.
As I adjusted, I went from the dull surviving I had grown accustomed to in life - believing that struggle and suffering were natural and unavoidable, the very nature of life itself - to truly thriving, filled with a sense of indescribable gratitude, joy, and peace that now permeates my daily experience. I can tell you, the difference is immeasurable.
I want to help you achieve the same transformation but much more gently than I did and with much more support! Most importantly, I want to help you find that same peace and joy that I've discovered.
I want that for you because I know you are worthy of it just as I am. And I know that
transformed people working together will bring the change the world, our beautiful Earth Mother, desperately needs at this time.
Today, in my second career, I am a Positive Intelligence Coach, a practiced yoga instructor, and an experienced, certified astrologer. I lead individuals and groups in small sessions, classes, workshops, and retreats both locally and internationally.

I am AMS credentialed in Early Childhood. I have a 20-year background working with infants, children, parents, teachers, and staff in Montessori education administration.
All of my experiences as well as my own innate intuition have given me deep insight into human psychology and development, interpersonal relationships and communication. I have a great respect for the uniqueness of each person's gifts, needs, and interests and a passion for helping people become the best version of themselves.
Over the years I have worked with a wide variety of individuals and teams to help them achieve greater wellbeing and enhance both personal and professional success through emotional intelligence, mindfulness, self care, and positive communication.

I am committed to practicing personal and group coaching as well as astrology and yoga in a positive, respectful and ethical manner in order to support the unique personal journey of each of my clients.

My intention is to help others elevate their consciousness and live more authentic, purposeful lives with increased joy, peace, and love. 

I look forward to getting to know you!

Want to know even more about me and Kali Rose Spirit Wisdom? Head over to the About page!



What People are Saying



What People are Saying

Laurie N.

"Kali was great! She’s extremely detailed and gave me so much helpful information regarding my past, the present and even what could help me navigate challenges in the future."

Leka W.

“I was baffled by the information Kali had found for me because everything was so accurate and unique to me. She has been so right with specific events in my life.”

Sarah S.

“I felt really safe and trusting of Kali's knowledge, skills and especially of her clear, kind, positive and generous spirit and way of communicating.  I have reread and reflected on the narrative she prepared many times.”
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