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Excited about the changes you are seeing after completing PQ Foundations® and want to keep your momentum going?
The most exciting thing about the PQ Program® is that you can apply the power of the operating system you have put in place during the Foundations program to all of the life areas and problems you care most about in your life!
Want to strengthen your relationship with your partner or family members? Want to finally lose weight for good? Want to be a better parent? Want to grow your leadership skills or improve your performance at work? Want to lower your stress? Want to discover your very highest potential in life? PQ® can help you do all of this and so much more!

The most powerful and quickest way to reach your goals is to continue working with me, your KRSW Personal Development. Coach.
Do you accomplish more at the gym working with a self-paced app or with a personal trainer? A personal trainer, of course? Why? Because coaches and trainers support you, encourage you, and hold you accountable to your own progress!

KRSW offers a variety of PQ® Applications Personal Development Coaching packages for PQ Foundations® graduates including single sessions, monthly, and quarterly packages.
Contact me to discuss your individual goals and learn about special discounts for KRSW clients only. Together we'll determine which PQ® Applications Personal Development Coaching package will best meet your needs to continue growing your PQ® muscles and to see your circumstances and relationships blossom!

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Legal Notice & Disclaimers ©️ 2023 Positive Intelligence, LLC The coach identified herein is an independent member of the PQ Coach program, and not an employee, agent, or representative of Positive Intelligence, LLC. The coaching program offered herein is independently owned and operated by the coach, and is not affiliated with or endorsed or sponsored by Positive Intelligence, LLC. PROGRAM CONTENT AND MATERIAL DO NOT CONSTITUTE MEDICAL OR MENTAL HEALTH ADVICE AND ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL CARE, DIAGNOSIS OR TREATMENT OF ANY MEDICAL OR MENTAL HEALTH CONDITION. DISCLAIMERS: © 2023 Positive Intelligence, LLC. All rights reserved. POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE®, PQ®, CERTIFIED PQ COACH™, PQ COACH™ and P+ logo™ are trademarks of Positive Intelligence, LLC.

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