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Russia & Ukraine War

Mar. 2022

Astrology Predictions for the Conflict


It was a great shock to the entire world as we watched Russia invade the sovereign nation of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 intent on toppling their democratically elected leaders and installing a puppet government friendly to Russia and its interests. It is difficult to process such blatant and unprovoked aggression in the 21st century. And yet, here we are, at this point, four weeks into what has already proved to be a bloody and intense conflict. Russia’s autocratic president, Vladamir Putin, did not anticipate that the Ukrainian people would fight back with such force and determination to preserve their state and democratic freedoms. And now the questions on everyone’s minds are how will this situation progress, what will the outcome be, and when will we see an end to this horrific conflict?


There are numerous ways to approach these questions from an astrological perspective. Much study and interpretation has already been done by really excellent astrology scholars on the charts of Russia, Ukraine, Putin, and Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy. I encourage you to dive into these interesting studies with a Google search if you’d like to know more. In this article, I am going to focus on the mundane astrology of the upcoming months and how major transits may affect the current conflict.


The first thing to recognize is the important and very long process that Pluto is accomplishing right now. This is the backdrop for the Russia Ukraine conflict as well as the Covid pandemic that has held the entire world in its grip since early 2020. We are living through a time of intense reorganization of the structures that govern human affairs on a global scale. We are in the final stages of entry into the Aquarian age. This has been a long and gradual process spanning several decades at least. An age is roughly a 2000 year period of time. The fading Age of Pisces was first initiated around the time Jesus walked the earth. The major principles of this period are exemplified in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and established Christianity as the dominant belief system around the world over the past two millennia. 


Some of the major characteristics that will define the Age of Aquarius are already becoming more and more entrenched in our collective human consciousness: the dominance of science and technology, egalitarianism, an emphasis on individual freedom and independence, rebelliousness, a humanitarian generosity and compassion that recognizes intrinsic value in every person. Aquarian energy is altruistic but unemotional. It is intellectual, cerebral, and logical, seeking solutions to the world’s problems through cool and rational analysis, often favoring the application of technology to reach its goals. 


Self-rule is the Aquarian ideal. Top-down rule is seen as antiquated, unnatural and no longer acceptable. In our lifetimes, we are seeing the power of governments and high ranking individuals tested and toppled if they no longer serve the interests of humanity and its advancement. Russia and Putin are excellent examples of this old school mindset that is now facing its dying days and, ironically, it is proving to be its own undoing. This is the pressure being applied by Pluto as it slowly but steadily grinds its way out of the authoritarian sign of Capricorn and reaches towards entry into the freedom sign of Aquarius. Pluto will be fully domiciled in Aquarius by the end of 2024. That still leaves us two plus years of titanic changes in the world order. There are more shocks to come; that is for sure! All despotic regimes that do not represent the interests of the people are put on notice now: your days are numbered!


Besides Pluto’s approach to Aquarius, another important transit overarching our global experience right now is Saturn square Uranus. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is in Aquarius right now and Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is in Taurus the sign of the earth. Taurus represents the environment, climate, and interestingly, finance and currency. The square aspect between Saturn and Uranus has been in effect since January 2021 and continues to impact us through November 2022. It represents the tension between old and new. It’s a fierce battle to the death between the principles of Saturn/Capricorn and Aquarius/Uranus. In 2021, Saturn had the upper hand as we experienced the force of government authority worldwide in the form of lockdowns as well as vaccine and mask mandates intending to curb the pandemic. In 2022, Uranus takes the lead, but Russia and Putin are demonstrating how Saturn will not be going down without a fight. 


So back to the questions immediately at hand, what will happen with Russia and the Ukraine in the coming days, weeks, and months? First, let’s step back to 2/24/22 and look at the astrological circumstances that created the energy for Putin to launch his invasion into Ukraine at that exact moment in time. A couple things stand out. The most critical, in terms of the timing of this event, is the position of the yin-yang lovers, Venus and Mars. While Venus moved much more slowly than her usual pace, Mars caught up to her and his hot energy dominated their relationship for several weeks. They were in exact conjunction with each other at 22º Capricorn on the 24th of February. You can think of that moment as climactic sexual energy infused into our planetary experience. That it would manifest in a political way is not at all surprising since the conjunction occurred in Capricorn, the sign associated with governments, rulership, and authority. 


Mars and Venus remained tightly locked together as they passed Pluto on March 3rd and entered Aquarius on March 6th. At this point - March 19th, Venus has finally pulled ahead of Mars but he remains in hot pursuit, trailing his lover now by about 2º. Meanwhile today, Venus has now exactly squared Uranus at 12º Taurus tapping into that epic Saturn-Uranus battle. As ruler of Taurus and Libra, Venus is a champion for justice, the earth, and its people. She’s friendly with Uranus and his drive for freedom and equality and she lends her energy to the western democracies that better represent the interests of the people as well as the Russian and the Ukrainian people who are caught in this conflict. But, warrior Mars is not far behind her. 


While we are likely to see some efforts toward peaceful negotiation over the next couple of days, it will not be long-lasting or accomplish much, Venus’s effort is going to quickly give way to more violence as Mars takes up the square aspect with Uranus. In fact, this energy is already evident with Mars approaching Uranus within 2º orb. Russia has just announced its successful implementation of a new technological weapon on the Ukrainian battlefield, a bunker-busting hypersonic missile that evades radar detection. Very Uranian military technology, indeed. 


Frankly, Mars still has far too much influence for Venus’s softer tactics to be successful right now. And it’s about to get some help with the Sun entering Mars’ own sign of rulership, Aries, on March 20th and the Moon forming a T-square with Mars and Uranus from Scorpio, Pluto’s sign of rulership on March 21st. Expect an explosive week ahead! Mercury will join the party a little later entering the sign of Aries on March 27th.


Saturn, with its power of limits and boundaries, may begin to apply the breaks as Venus slips ahead of it on March 28th. Saturn will finally separate the intense energy of the two cosmic lovers, Mars and Venus. On April 1st, Mercury comes into conjunction with the Sun and Saturn will begin to conjunct Mars on April 2nd. Here we can see some order being established in the situation. Mercury brings in the power of communication and Saturn will bring Mars into submission under its heavy influence. While this combination will not likely result in long term peace just yet, we are likely to see some talks that begin to apply a level of control. By April 16th Mercury will conjunct Uranus at the full moon in Libra. The people’s voice will be strong at this moment.


This full moon forms a powerful kite pattern with the Aries Sun opposite a Libra Moon, Mars just entering Pisces is deluged in water and forms a trine with freedom fighter Black Moon Lilith which is on the cusp of Cancer, and both Mars and Black Moon Lilith form sextiles to the Sun. The kite pattern stimulates powerful motivation for the Libran principles of justice and equality based on the Moon’s primary position in the configuration. This looks like the power of the people will be highlighted and their voices will be heard. The “people” could be the western democracies, the Russian people, the Ukrainian people, or some combination thereof.


The Sun reaches a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus on May 2nd and together they will form a sextile to Mars. Mars will still be all wet in Pisces, so again, this looks good for the people. At the same time, Jupiter is sextile Pluto bringing a new level of optimism and enlightenment to the fore. We will potentially see a more decisive and permanent resolution to the conflict sometime between August and October when Saturn in retrograde motion will begin to come back into orb with the square aspect to Uranus. 


On August 1st, Mars will conjunct Uranus while Venus forms a sextile to these two from Cancer. At the same time, the Moon in Virgo will be in exact opposition to Neptune, and the Sun in Leo will sextile Jupiter in Aries. This is a lot of energy coming together with an overall positive feel, so we can expect something big to happen around this time. Let’s hope it looks like peace being re-established with a weakened Russian government and the freedom of what remains of the Ukrainian people solidified in the wake of this terrible war! Time will tell….


As we all continue to watch this terribly unfortunate situation unfold, it's very important to keep the big picture in mind. Old, oppressive regimes are falling by the wayside and making room for a higher expression of governance to emerge which will define the new Age of Aquarius. This sort of revolution does not happen without casualties but, as a globe, we are in a war for our own survival. The old ways will not lead us to peace and prosperity. It will be the power of the people that brings about necessary change and finally puts an end to fascist oppression and greed that have brought our planet to the brink of annihilation.


Considering the effects of astrological transits in world affairs is absolutely fascinating. These transits have every bit as much effect on each of us as individuals. If you’d like to know more about how these powerful forces are working in your own life, contact me today for a personalized consultation!

Written by Kelly Kucic. All rights reserved.

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