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Feeling stressed, burned out, frustrated, anxious, depressed, or disappointed with yourself or the world? These are challenging times! Mental Fitness is the capacity to shift effortlessly from negative emotions to calm clear-headed action.

Just as physical fitness allows us to move through our daily lives with ease and flow, mental fitness enables us to live our best lives by enhancing our peace of mind and sense of well being, boosting our performance, and strengthening our relationships. 

KRSW Mental Fitness Program empowers you through Positive Intelligence®, next level mind training that unlocks your full potential by coupling inspiration and insight with powerful neuroscience to help you grow new neural pathways that will sustain positive change and give you the practical tools you need to take your life to the next level!

The Positive Intelligence® Approach is different than other personal development and mind training programs out there. The initial positive results of other programs mostly evaporate once euphoria dissipates. It's really hard to stick to good intentions long term, just like those New Years resolutions that fall apart before February.
There are a few different reasons for this. First, most programs treat symptoms instead of the root cause. They're aimed at the tip of the iceberg we see emerging above the waterline but fail to address what lies unseen below. They stop at insight and fail to build mental muscles to convert the powerful insights they reveal into habits.
Lasting behavioral and emotional changes require 20% insight /  80% positive habit development. And finally, most programs lack a common operating system; they provide incompatible frameworks that compete for our mental mindshare.

Positive Intelligence® offers the solution to all of these problems! The PQ® Operating System develops root level mental building blocks that enable most personal and professional growth. With the PQ® Program you build one basic operating system and can them install as many applications as you like that will work seamlessly within the PQ® basic framework. Y


You can successfully apply PQ® to improve your relationships, stress management, weight loss, parenting, athletic and career performance, leadership, dealing with difficult people, self-actualization, and the list goes on!

The Positive Intelligence® Approach is research-based. It's methodology is rooted in the power of Factor Analysis resulting in radical simplification. According to 3rd party research, the impact of the Positive Intelligence®Program is:


  • Over 30% Improvement in Performance

  • Live 10 Years Longer

  • 3x Increase in Creativity


Want to learn more about 
Positive Intelligence®? Read the New York Times best-selling book Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine. The book will provide you detailed and in-depth information about the science-based Positive Intelligence® mind training program that thousands around the globe are raving about. Even better, register for the next KRSW FREE Online Do You Want to Be Happy? Session and find out how you can put the PQ® Operating System to work in your own life with Mental Fitness Training!​

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